6 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous of Your Relationship

Jealousy is the little green monster that ruins people's lives.

And sadly, it can pop up in all kinds of situations. While relationship jealousy is most widely focused on, there's plenty of friendship jealousy to go around. Plus, your friends can be jealous of your relationship—ugh, when did life get so complicated?

Whether they're irritated that they don't have an S.O. of their own or they're annoyed that you're sharing your time with someone else, keep scrolling for six signs your friend is jealous of your relationship.

They're Passive Aggressive

Passive aggression is never a good quality in a friendship. However, it can be especially frustrating if your pal is passive aggressive in regards to your romance. Do they suddenly get irritated when you say you're going to hang out with your S.O.? Do they roll their eyes and clam up when your partner comes around? Do they even go as far as putting you down right to your S.O.? All those behaviors are frustrating in themselves, but they can also be a sign of lingering jealousy. If your friend has nothing bad to say about your romance, but definitely communicates that they have an issue, jealousy might be the root of their annoying behavior.

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They Encourage You to Be Unfaithful

Oftentimes, jealousy from your friend will lead them to try and break-up your relationship. After all, no S.O. to worry about would automatically eliminate their jealous feelings. And what's the best way to ruin a romance? By encouraging you to be unfaithful, of course. If your friend is constantly encouraging you to flirt with other people or just generally seems to ignore the fact that you have an S.O., there's probably some jealousy going on. A real friend would support your romance. If your pal tries to ruin it, they probably have a few selfish motivations.


They Crash Your Dates

If you find that your pal constantly crashes your dates, they've definitely got some weird jealousy things going on. Friends who respect your relationship will give you plenty of one-on-one time with your S.O. If your pal consistently shows up unannounced, they're clearly trying to put some distance between you and your S.O. Where would that stem from if not from jealousy?


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They Always Point Out Your S.O.'s Flaws

Yet another thinly veiled attempt at ruining your romance. A friend who only points out your S.O.'s flaws probably doesn't have your best interests at heart. This is especially true if the "flaws" they focus on aren't actually flaws at all. If they feel that your S.O. doesn't treat you well, they deserve to be listened to. If, however, they're simply picking on their physical appearance, the way they dress or other parts of their personality that are totally unimportant in the long run, they're probably dealing with some feelings of jealousy that are causing them to interfere in your romance.


They Compete for Your S.O.'s Attention

Friends are supposed to be the people you can rely on most in the world. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. We've all dealt with the friend who shamelessly flirts with your S.O. as soon as you leave the room. Not only are they someone you should avoid at all costs, it's also a pretty clear sign that they're jealous. They probably don't even want your S.O. for themselves. They just don't want you to have them, either. This is the friend you should definitely avoid, as you can't count on them to respect you, your current relationship or any future relationships that may develop down the line.

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They Won't Bond With Your S.O.

While flirting with your S.O. indicates that your friend is jealous of you simply having a romance, they could also be jealous that your S.O. is taking away valuable time that the two of you could be spending together. If that's the case, they'll likely have no interest in bonding with your S.O. In fact, they'll usually go out of their way to avoid developing a relationship with your partner. While this isn't as egregious an offense as some others, it's still a sign that your friend is dealing with some underlying jealousy the two of you need to address.


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