These Tips Will Help You Survive Any Long-Distance Friendship

Your bestie moves away and suddenly you feel your world start to unravel. How will you survive life without your partner-in-crime constantly by your side?!

Breath. All you have to do is scroll through our list of six tips for surviving a long-distance friendship, and you'll be good to go.

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1. Plan to See Each Other Once or Twice a Year

Is this always going to be possible? Probably not. If your best friend is currently residing in Switzerland and you don't even have a passport, you're probably not going to make your way over there anytime soon. But if your best friend lives just an hour away or even in another state, convince your fam to go on a road trip so you can visit them.


2. Communicate As Often As Possible

Stay in touch. It's easier than it sounds. You get busy. They get busy. But as long as you two are texting, tweeting, Snapchatting or even emailing each other throughout the day, it will seem like they've never really left.


3. Schedule Skype or Facetime Dates Once Every Month

Talking to your bestie every day is great, but you need some face time to happen, too. Especially if you've changed your hair or got a new pair of glasses, you'd need to show that off over a Skype sesh. Not to mention, it's a nice change of pace to actually hear and see your BFF rather than imagine how they'd sound in your head.

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4. Don't Be Too Needy

There will be times when your bestie won't get back to you for a week or maybe even a few months. Don't stress. They haven't forgotten about you. They're just busy living their lives. And once they find they time, they will tell you all about the spectacular things they've been doing.


5. Never Forget Their Birthday

This is definitely a given, but be sure you always remember the date of their birthday. You'll have to mail them their gift, especially if they're living in another country, so you want to make sure you get them something in time for it to arrive on or before their birthday. Even if you don't get them a gift, be sure to send them a card!


6. Send Them Care Packages Unexpectedly

Speaking of sending gifts, don't be afraid to mail them care packages full of trinkets even when it isn't their birthday. Put together a box filled to the brim with items that mean a lot to you both and ship it their way. They'll truly appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this for them.

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