What to Do When Your Friend's Parents Don't Like You

It's one thing if you're not tight with your friend's S.O. or best friend, but it's a whole different beast when their parents aren't fans of you.

Being disliked by a friend's parents affects your ability to hang with our pal on the reg, and it also sometimes influences how they feel about you.

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Even though it's sad and frustrating to know someone so close to a person you care about doesn't want you around, there are a number of reasons this could be the case—some out of your control. Is it a grudge they hold from a few years ago? Are they jealous that you're closer to their child than they are?

Instead of trying to understand what went wrong, let's work on getting you through it. Keep scrolling for six ways to handle being disliked by your friend's parents:

1. Kill 'Em With Kindness

Whether you like them or not, treating your friend's parents with disrespect won't do anything to better the situation. Avoid them when you can, but if a run-in goes down, don't give them any further reason to have an issue with you. If you're constantly smiling and being the best houseguest, your friend will have a case to make in your defense the next time there's a complaint.

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2. Don't Talk Trash on the Parents to Your Involved Friend

It's easy to moan and groan about anyone who doesn't treat you like the queen you are, but save the trash-talking for anyone who isn't your involved friend. Sure, they may agree that their parents are in the wrong, but the last thing they want to hear is how much you can't stand them. It's fine to express that you wish you were on better terms, but definitely don't create a bigger divide by putting your friend in the middle.

3. Know That the Relationship Can Improve Over Time

It may seem like getting to a good place with your friend's parents is an impossible feat, but over time things are likely to change. Chances are they'll get over that grudge, they'll start appreciating how much their son or daughter likes you or they'll simply accept that you're not going anywhere. Either way, don't give up hope!

4. Continue Proving You're a Good Friend

Going off of No. 1, don't give your friend's parents continued reasons to dislike you. Prove to them that you're different from their perception or that you've changed since whatever happened in the past. Be your most caring, trustworthy self to your friend, and that way, when they talk to their parents about who's been there for them, your name will always come up.

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5. Don't Take It Personally

There are a number of reasons a parent, or anyone for that matter, may not like you. No one is liked by everyone—it's just hard when it's your friend's parents who are doing the disliking. Maybe they're envious of your closeness, maybe you have totally different personalities, maybe they feel like your friendship is taking away from their son or daughter's studies—honestly, who knows? But remember to keep in mind that it isn't always you.

6. Don't Take It Out on Your Friend or Treat Them Differently

Your friend's parents not liking you may trigger you to act out towards your friend, but remember your friend is their own person and they can't control how their parent feels. Try your best to go on as if nothing's awkward about the situation, and remember that it's just as uncomfortable for them to deal with, too. They understand how you feel and they're still hanging out with you regardless of their parents' opinion, so just focus on your friendship and they will, too!


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