'Friends' You Can Leave Behind in High School

For many people, one of the hardest parts of graduating from high school is the fact that you're not going to see your closest friends every day in the halls—and that you may even be hundreds of miles apart when you start your post-graduation lives.

While it's certainly upsetting to think about friendships you deeply care about changing, there is an upside to shifting your social life. Suddenly, the friendships that no longer serve you aren't around to cause you any stress—and you can cut ties without a dramatic falling out.


(Riverdale via The CW)

Yes, it may sound intense, but if you find yourself dealing with any of the below "friends" in your high school life, you shouldn't feel bad about losing touch once your circumstances change.

Here are just some friends you can leave behind in high school, while still keeping the people you cherish from that time in your life close.

The Friend Who Never Lets You Win

If you got into your top choice school, they got into one just a "little bit better" than yours. If you found an amazing dress for prom, they make sure to tell you they're not really a fan of that neckline. It's exhausting being this person's friend—why can't they just be happy for you?!—but fortunately, they're not following you around after graduation to tell you what they think of your new job or the college courses you signed up for. Should they send you a text with "thoughts" on your new choice of major, feel free to leave them on read.


The Friend Who You're Getting Sketchy Vibes From

Maybe this friendship didn't start out this way, but lately, you just don't think you can trust this friend. Maybe they're cagey about their weekend plans when you ask or you've caught them in one too many lies. You can't be friends with someone you don't trust, so it's fine to wish them the best without sticking along for the ride.

(Riverdale via The CW)


The Friend You Never Clicked With

Sometimes, it's just distance and time that make friends drift apart. If you have a friend in your larger group who you were never really close to, but would always invite around because you were friends with their friends, it's fine not to keep up with them in the same way post-graduation. The feeling is probably mutual, and if your interests ever do start to more closely align, it'll feel more natural to reconnect down the road.


The Ex You Tried and Failed to Stay Cordial With

When you're in high school, a breakup can really tear apart your friend group—which is why you may be tempted to stay in close proximity to the person who just broke your heart. Now that you're no longer going to be occupying the same math class, though, it's perfectly okay to no longer feel obligated to include your ex in your high school friend group chat—and honestly, it'll probably make it all the easier to move on if you're feeling stuck in your post-split feels.


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