9 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Friendship

Grab your bestie and hold 'em tight because today, Sunday, August 7, 2016, is Friendship Day.

Kick the bestie celebration into high gear by spending the day with your other half and scrolling through this list of shocking facts you never knew about friendship. ????

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1. At just 9 months old, most babies understand the concept of friendship. Research shows that babies can recognize and pay attention to the fact that people with similar likes and dislikes tend to be friends. What smarties!

2. Friendship is good for your health. Believe it or not, people with larger networks of friends actually live longer! Having friends can reduce stress and depression and add immensely to your happiness. Isn't it true that you always feel especially cheerful and at ease when you're hanging with your besties?!

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3. Get this—in your life, you will have approximately 396 friendships, but only 36 will truly last (that's one in 12). Those 36 that stick around must be pretty special.

4. Love has a direct effect on your friendships. When you gain a boyfriend or girlfriend, you usually displace two other important people in your life (like a bestie or family member…not cool!).

5. Studies have shown that marriages typically last if they are rooted in friendship. D'awww.

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6. Did you know that hanging out in a group of friends can make you look more attractive? This is called the cheerleader effect. You and your friends must just look good together! ????

7. We lose half of the friends in our friend group every seven years. If a friendship lasts over seven years, you will most likely have that friend for life.

8. Animals can have friends, too! Studies have shown that furry creatures can have lifelong friendships with animals outside of their species. Research has demonstrated this is true for chimpanzees, baboons, hyenas, elephants, dolphins, horses, dolphins and even bats. Animal bonds = the strongest bonds.

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9. As odd as it may be, friends tend to have a similar genetic makeup. No wonder you sometimes consider your closest friends to be family!


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