We don’t know about you, but adorable frogs and toads have absolutely been taking over our Instagram feeds—and we are not complaining.

Amphibious pets aren’t just cute. They’re also tons of fun to watch and care for. Are you super excited about your frog and toad friends? Keep scrolling for 11 pun-tastic Instagram captions just for them.

For the pic of your toad chilling in its enclosure:

“Toadally awesome.”


For the sweet froggy face that’s going to stick in your memory forever:

“Truly unfrogettable.”

Shutterstock: Tree frog, Flying frog laughing, animal closeup

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For when your toad is looking up at the sky thoughtfully:

“Reach for the flies.”


For when you’ve dressed up your frog in a silly (but clearly irritating) outfit:

“Please frogive me.”


For the shot of your frog munching on its favorite insects:

“Frogs just eat whatever bugs them.”

Shutterstock: A whites tree frog has a smirk on his face while sitting on a log.

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For when your frog is looking slightly disgruntled:

“What the frog are you looking at?”


For the frog you love wholly and fully:

“You make my heart leap out of my chest.”


For celebrating your amphibious pet’s special day:

“Hoppy birthday.”


For the most engrossing photo of your toad:

Absolutely ribbiting.


For that super smiley pic of your froggy friend:

“Don’t worry, be hoppy.”

Shutterstock: Pacman frog or toad, South American horned frogs Ceratophrys cornuta Tropical rain forest animal living in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil Suriname kept as exotic pet animal

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For the beloved frog you’re going to keep far, far away from your high school biology class:

“I am not a science project.”


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