Can't Stand Minty Toothpaste? Stop Suffering and Embrace the Kid in You With Frost Oral Care

I can't be the only adult who can't stand the taste of strong, minty toothpaste.

There's something about the mint flavors in most toothpaste that's way too intense for me, which can turn the process of brushing my teeth—an activity that should be therapeutic and cleansing—into a twice-a-day chore I dread. That's why I've recently come to start using products labeled "for kids." Not only do they taste better, but they tend to include exactly the same active ingredients as the grown-up stuff.

That's also why I was immediately drawn to Frost Oral Care. Their for-kid products are designed with health in mind, maintaining clean, strong teeth while tasting great. They sent me a couple of products to try for myself to review, and I may not ever be going back to the grocery store stuff.

The Brand

Frost Oral Care was built from the ground up with kids in mind—but that doesn't mean their products don't work just as well for people of all ages. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, with no parabens or SSLs, sweetly tempting flavors and great ingredients that get teeth nice and clean while being gentle on enamel. Their lineup, complete with the cutest packaging, includes various kids' toothbrushes, Chocolate Milk flossers, two flavors of toothpaste and a Bubblegum Burst Mouthwash. For my review, I was sent both their mouthwash and their fluoride-free Birthday Cake Toothpaste.


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The Products

Birthday Cake Toothpaste: $9.95

All of the kid-oriented toothpastes I can find at local stores come in fruity or gum flavors, so I was super curious to see how this birthday cake toothpaste would taste—and the answer is that it's pure sugary-sweet deliciousness. It's got all of the vanilla flavor you'd expect in toothpaste, with a consistency that gets watery rather than foamy as it scrubs the teeth. The blend also uses a blend of hydroxyapatite to reduce sensitivity and remineralize teeth, anti-inflammatory lavender oil and hawthorn berry and goji berry to fight gingivitis while supplying minerals.

This toothpaste is also their fluoride-free option, which was interesting to use. There are a couple of reasons you'd want to use a fluoride-free paste, whether you have an allergy to it, or you have issues with swallowing toothpaste. The majority of dentists advise using toothpaste with fluoride in it because of its protective benefits for teeth, but even without it, I could clearly see this paste freshening up my mouth and scrubbing away plaque and buildup. Even so, next time, I intend to go for their Watermelon Slushie Toothpaste, which isn'fluoride-free.

Frost Oral care birthday cake toothpaste

(via Frost Oral Care)


Bubblegum Burst Mouthwash: $9.95

The intensity of typical mint mouthwashes is basically excruciating for me, so the difference here was massive. Frost Oral Care's Bubblegum Burst Mouthwash tastes like gum, making it sweet and satisfying to swish and rinse after brushing. It also includes all of the awesome magical ingredients of the toothpaste. Plus, It tastes so good I'm eager to use it after every brush—and the fact that this does contain fluoride means I'm not missing out on too much with the toothpaste.

frost oral care bubblebum burst mouthwash

(via Frost Oral Care)


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Bottom Line

Frost Oral Care's products are an excellent reminder that, even if you're not a kid, there's no shame in using high-quality tooth products that might be made with kids in mind. Sometimes, all it takes to improve your oral care is a taste you'll look forward to brushing with twice a day—and if Frost Oral Care's flavors get you brushing regularly and improving your hygiene, they're well worth the extra cost.


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