Why We NEED Disney's Upcoming "Frozen" Ride ASAP

A Frozen ride is coming to the Disney World Epcot Center in Orlando next year, and it can't come soon enough. The existing "Maelstrom" boat ride is making way for "Frozen Ever After," and of course we have high expectations. Here are a few things that we MUST see in the new ride!

frozen ride frozen ever after mockup

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Of course, the ride will feature the return of a couple of our favorite powerful animated ladies EVER.

frozen ever after disney ride return of princess anna and queen elsa

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All for the first time ever our fav Frozen characters will be right at the tips of our fingertips. Bonus points for NO HANS. That jerk.

favorite frozen characters frozen ever after

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WE NEED ARENDELLE. If the ride doesn't feature gorgeous landscapes and ice castles, what would be the point?

frozen arendelle frozen ever after disney ride

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And it definitely needs to be teeming with real snow. No soapy, bitter fake snow, please!

sven reindeer catching reindeer on tongue

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If the ride doesn't feature a singalong portion to this song we will be sorely disappointed.

Since the ride is all about a winter festival that takes place in the middle of summer, we'll finally be able to see Olaf celebrate his favorite season.

Last but not least, any good boat ride needs some big splashes. We don't think that "Frozen Ever After" will let us down.

frozen splash ride disney frozen ever after

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