Frozen Sing-Along Now Playing In Theaters!

Love the songs in the movie Frozen? Fans can return to the theaters this week to participate in a Frozen sing-along!Frozen Sing-Along

More than two thousand movie theaters across the nation have started showcasing a sing-along version of Frozen. During the song's musical numbers, a bouncing snowflake will guide viewers and beckon them to join in on the fun by singing along!

Frozen has already won a Golden Globe for best animated feature. Now, the film has been nominated for Oscars in the categories of best animated feature film and best original song!

The film's biggest hit song, "Let It Go" has been a surprise success, with versions from the film as well as Demi Lovato topping the charts!

The song has also been covered by huge talents including Cimorelli, and fans of the film's soundtrack have a live musical version of Frozen to look forward to in the future!

Check out the sing-along version of "Let It Go" from the film below, and if you haven't yet, be sure to check out Sweety High's white carpet coverage of Frozen here!

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