7 Full-Body Workout Tools If You Insist on Working Out From Home

Itching to get in shape but can't drag yourself to the gym?

Trust us, you're not alone—which is why we're all about finding full-body workout tools that we can use in the comfort of our own room or home.

Grab a cute workout outfit and a good playlist, because we've rounded up our fave full-body workout tools (and their accompanying tutorial videos) for people who hate gyms.

Bellicon Trampoline

Touted as "the world's best workout in the comfort of your own home," the Bellicon trampoline is as fun as it is effective. According to their website, the trampoline exercises every one of our 638 muscles while simultaneously being low-impact (aka good for those of us with bad joints or knees) and low stress. For a super sweaty and fun workout, follow the tutorial below!



We are Ubarre-obsessed here at Sweety High. Barre classes are all the rage in fitness, and this Ubarre allows you to recreate your own challenging barre class at home. And the best part? This gorgeous piece doubles as a piece of artwork, so you won't have to worry about it cluttering up your room.


Hula Hoop

Never forget the power of a good ol' hula hoop sesh. Hula hooping (also known as Hooping, in terms of the official workout) is not only fun to do with friends or when you're bored, it's also great for keeping your waistline trim. The better you get, the more of a full-body workout you get, too! You can even do jumps and squats.


Jump Rope

Like the hula hoop, the jump rope is something that's typically reserved for kids and boot camp classes, but truth be told, the jump rope is a super effective way to burn calories and bump up your cardio fast. Try this super effective 10-minute jump rope workout from our friends over at POPSUGAR Fitness.


Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a mainstay in any home gym because the workout options are seriously endless. Get your cardio in by jogging with it in your arms, use it as a weight for squats and crunches and work on your core stability with pushups. For more ideas, check out this YouTube video below.


Bosu Ball

One look at the bosu ball and you might be stumped on how to get an effective workout from it. After all, it's flat on one side and round and squishy on the other—what are you supposed to do with it? With the flat side down and the squishy side up, you can work on cardio, core and stability with jumps and squats. With the squishy side down, you can do pushups and mountain climbers. Check out the video below for my bosu ball workout ideas.


Resistance Bands

If you're crunched for space, resistance bands are your best friend. They're lightweight and easy to store, and like the medicine ball have tons of exercise options. Resistance bands allow you to perform strength-building exercises without weights and give you a total body workout.


Before you get super sweaty, don't forget to snap a pic of your new at-home workout regime. Click HERE for perfect Instagram captions to accompany all of your fitness-fueled posts!