The Boys of Full Circle Dish on Their Latest Single, 'Could've Been'

Jagger Moon, James Herron, Jason Pieters II and Sean Garrity make up Full Circle, the up-and-coming boy band that needs to be on your radar in 2023.

The group recently released their new swoon-worthy R&B-pop single, "Could've Been," and today, we were all graced with its stylish music video, which shows the four members at the top of their game. And that's not all, because the guys also just announced their Boys of Summer Tour for 2023, consisting of seven shows across the east coast and midwest (and more potential dates to come). The future is bright for the boys of Full Circle, and we got the chance to catch up with them to learn all about their new music and what's next.

Sweety High: What's the story behind your "Could've Been"?

Jagger Moon: The story behind "Could've Been" is pretty much a POV, as most songs are, and you're getting told that you could've been my girlfriend and about everything we could've had together, in the most Jack Harlow way possible. He has so much charm and charisma and he gets you all flustered without talking about really deep stuff. But it's stuff as a young adult that you want to do with someone else. And since a certain someone decided not to be with you or broke your heart, you now get to tell them everything they are missing out on.


SH: What does the new single mean to you, and what do you hope it will mean to your listeners?

Jagger: You know, it's no secret that our song "Dangerous" was my everything. There was a moment in time when that was all I would listen to, just to help me get over a situation. I don't know if that makes me a narcissist or conceited that I had to listen to myself sing to get over someone, but it's true what they say you can get as much help as you want, but the only person who can pull you out of a funk is yourself.

I've said since we recorded "Could've Been" that this is part two to "Dangerous," except instead of being all sad and moping about it, you realize it wasn't your loss. If anything, it was theirs. And in the same way "Dangerous" helped me out of that situation. It could've been listening to myself say (or I guess, sing) all these things that helped me believe it. And it's all true, we could've been Netflixing with a lot of chill [laughs].


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SH: What are your favorite lyrics from the track? Why?

James Herron: "Don't do second chances, should've made yours count."
This line exudes confidence, which we think is a key trait to have. It also serves as a reminder to value and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Also, "Netflixing with a lot of chill." Who doesn't like Netflixing with a lot of chill?

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SH: Musically, who are your biggest inspirations and influences at the moment?

James: Personally, I take a lot of inspiration from Adele, Giveon and a lot of K-pop groups. I love the performance aspect that a lot of K-pop groups bring and the feeling you get when listening to soulful singers like Adele and Giveon.

As a band, we take a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and BTS. They have all had a significant impact on the music industry, and their music has helped a lot of people positively. They have unique musical styles that have resonated with audiences worldwide and they're also known for their high-energy and dynamic performances. Overall, taking inspiration from these musicians helps us create a unique sound and performance style that is hopefully translated through our work.


SH: What are your tour plans for this year? Is there anything you can tease about what's next?

Sean Garrity: We have a lot of new things we are working on—music, content, tours. I think these next few months will be big for Full Circle.

Jason Pieters II: So far, we're working on a couple of different live show opportunities. But in terms of touring this year, we have some plans for a possible tour this summer. Make sure to keep up with us for when more info is announced.

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SH: How do you feel that you've grown, both performers and interpersonally as a group, since we spoke with you last summer?

Sean: Our group dynamic is getting a lot more defined. We are all exploring different things in music and dance, in turn making us a more creative collective. Since we spoke last summer, we have been focusing more on performing. This summer is gonna be fun.

Jagger: Well, if you do the math—haha, nah, I won't get into that. I think I've grown so much since we last spoke. Musically, I definitely understand my voice a lot better. In fact, we all understand each others' and our own voices better. Each of our voices has gotten much more mature and better.  It's hard to describe, but we just sound better.

The beginning of last year, I was in a rut, especially when it came to dancing. Not just choreographing, but dance in general. I had hit a wall. I wasn't confident in dance, which was odd, because my whole personality was dance! I just couldn't figure out who Jagger Moon was without dancing competitively. We choreographed "Don't Miss" and "Anytime" around this time last year, and I started to get back on my feet. Little slivers of who I was were starting to break through. Then I went home for my birthday last year, and I rediscovered my love for dance. Ever since then, it's been smooth sailing. The other boys have always been good at choreographing, especially James, even though he stresses himself out about it. Our choreography is just going to keep getting better and better.

As a group, we've grown a lot. A lot of trial and error. We've had some drama and some fights, but what family doesn't? The four of us are probably closer than we've ever been before. We're just in a really good place. You can't say Full Circle without Jagger, James, Jason and Sean. And honestly, this is how it should be. I think 2023 is when the real Full Circle shines through.

Jason: As a group, the dynamics have been different these past few months. We've become even closer as a group than before. I feel like now, at this point, we all just get it each other, and it actually makes it easier when we go to work on music or dance because we get each other. On top of that, the experience that we've been getting when we choreograph, write or even just make covers for TikTok is amazing. It has really put us at our peak so far as artists.

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Sean: I think we are all growing into our own, and it's so awesome to watch my brothers be more confident and feel more secure with themselves. I am very excited for this year! I see Full Circle as a creative collective. We come together to make our wildest ideas reality.


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