Here's When the Full Moon Will Be in Your Sign in 2022—and What That Means for You

Lately, we've been all about lunar astrology and tracking the moon's phases.

According to various practices, each phase of the moon has its own significance, from the new starts of the new moon to the receiving energy of the full moon, and every phase in between. They say that during the full moon, you reap the rewards of all of the efforts you've put in since the last one, creating new opportunities, as well as a cause for celebration.

But there's so much more to the moon than just its phase. The moon also passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac, shifting every two and a half days, each sign conveying its own unique energy. During full moons, the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun, which is why it's fully illuminated in the sky. That also means that during the full moon, the moon is always in the opposite sign of the sun. And when the moon is in your sign, that's the perfect opportunity to look inward and really become one with yourself—especially when combined with the generosity of the full moon. Keep reading to find out when the full moon will be in your sign this year.

Jan. 17: Cancer

When the full moon is in Cancer, it's time for some well-deserved rest. After all of the hard work you've done over the last month, this is a time when you can feel safe and retreat into your own haven, where you can get in tune with your own emotions, spend time with your most trusted loved ones and just relax.

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Feb. 16: Leo

Bold and theatrical Leo will feel even more in their element under this Leo full moon. It's their time to shine, so this full moon will drive them to go out, be the life of the party and draw everyone's eyes their way. They may also be in the mood to stir up a little drama—but it won't be anything they won't be able to recover from when this energy wanes.


March 18: Virgo

During this full moon in Virgo, the detail-oriented sign is going to see that all of their well-laid plans are coming to fruition. All of that organization, focus and dedication will be paying off in a big way—which will also reinforce the idea that they should definitely keep it up. However, the sign also should remember to focus on themselves, as trying to manage every minute detail of everyone around them will burn them out and lead to resentment.


April 16: Libra

Balance-loving Libra will really be feeling the love under this full moon in their sign, and it's the perfect time to truly connect with others and flex their social muscles. If they're in a relationship, that might mean one-on-one time with their special someone to get to know them on an even deeper level. If not, it could mean gathering with their closest friends to create new memories together.

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May 16: Scorpio

Scorpio is always known for being an intense and mysterious sign, and those feelings will be even stronger during this full moon in Scorpio. We advise that they focus on the positives of that intensity, whether that be following their creative passions, or investing in a relationship. If they're single, this may be the time to go after someone, because the sparks will be flying.


June 14: Sagittarius

What would be better for adventurous Sagittarius than a bit of travel under their sign's full moon? This full moon usually aligns with early summer, meaning longer trips are possible with a little planning, though day trips out of town will also satisfy their curiosity and their urge to explore new places. And while their impulsivity may get them into extra trouble during this time, their good luck will usually prevent anything too unfortunate from happening.


July 13: Capricorn

It's no surprise that Capricorn, the busy bee of the zodiac, will be feeling especially hard at work during the full moon in their sign. After laying the groundwork for their latest project, the sun and moon will align to propel them forward with the energy, focus and creativity to help them take that next big step. It will be especially hard for the all-work, no-play sign to rest during this time—so perhaps that can come once the full moon has passed.

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Aug. 11: Aquarius

Aquarius is an original and unique sign, and when this full moon rolls around, they'll be having all kinds of innovative and new wild ideas. This is a time for them to let their free-thinking nature take over, and dream up all kinds of imaginative plans. From business ideas to new technology and more, the sky is the limit, especially since they'll be extra open to their own ideas.


Sep. 10: Pisces

When the full moon enters dreamy Pisces, the sign will definitely be in the mood to daydream, and they allow themselves to fully dive in. This might be the time of year that they're most creative, so it's also a great time for writing or art projects, as well as for getting in touch with their spiritual side. We just ask that they don'completely lose sight of reality, because they do have to come back sometime.


Oct. 9: Aries

Active Aries will be especially energized during this full moon in Aries, and they should make the most of it by getting out into the world and doing something. Maybe that's sports or other physical activities, or even channeling that passion into a project they're passionate about. But, even without these suggestions, Aries are doers who will probably get stuff done when the feeling strikes.

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Nov. 8: Taurus

Stable, grounded Taurus is also known as the sign of tactile sensation, and this full moon is their time to reward themselves for all of the hard work they've done and indulge in a bit of self-care. This sign loves fine things, so this can range from spa days to fancy meals and all kinds of other decadent pampering activities. We just advise them not to go too overboard with the splurging on goodies and regret their purchases when they're feeling more practical again.


Dec.7: Gemini

The last full moon of the year falls under the sign of Gemini, and this is when already sociable Gemini's desire to tend and befriend goes off the charts. The sign will be feeling especially chatty and generous during this time, giving them the chance to strengthen old friendships and forge new ones, while discovering a whole new side of themselves.


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