8 Reasons 'Fuller House' Is The Netflix Series Of Our Dreams

Fuller House was released on Netflix at midnight, so you can pretty much just kiss your sleep schedule and social life goodbye until you've finished watching the first season. This show was a long time coming, but it's finally a part of our lives and we are living. It's certainly the best thing to happen to Netflix since Netflix and these eight reasons are added proof as to why that is. And if you weren't even aware that this was a thing, here is a quick little trailer to bring you into the 21st century.


1. Our favorite TV family is all back together! Minus Michelle, but maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley will come back for one episode?

2. All of those classic catchphrases from Full House, that we still use to this day, will make their triumphant return. Have mercy!

3. Stephanie, DJ and Kimmy are essentially following in the footsteps of Danny, Joey and Jesse. So we can expect plenty of crazy family situations, but with a ton more girl power.

4. We will get to see way more of Kimmy than we did in Full House. We don't care what anyone has to say, she's the true star of the show.

5. Rebecca and Jesse's twins are all grown up and the glo up is REAL.

6. DJ and Steve, we repeat, DJ AND STEVE (the OTP of all OTPs) will be rekindling their relationship!!!!!! Our heart is too fragile to even deal with this right now.


7. Dance parties will be happening on the reg during the show. We're so down for this, but would like it even more if we were invited to join in.

8. But the single most amazing thing about this series is that it is all available on Netflix for us to binge-watch until the sun comes up.


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