Even the Biggest Lime Crime-Lovers Probably Didn't Know THIS Interesting Fact About the Brand

Similar to many of you, we're huge fans of Lime Crime.

The vegan and cruelty-free brand's products take up a huge majority of our makeup bags. With their vibrant lip shades and iridescent highlights, what's not to love about their makeup?

While at Girl Cult Festival in Los Angeles, California, this past weekend, we sat down with the brand's global general manager Kim Walls to discover what her favorite part about working with Lime Crime is and the biggest misconception most people have about their products. She also revealed an interesting factoid about the brand's beginnings that even the biggest Lime Crime-lovers probably don't know.

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Kim Walls of Lime Crime

(Courtesy of Girl Cult Fest)

Sweety High: How has working with Lime Crime shaped you as a person?

Kim Walls: In so many ways. Working with Lime Crime has opened my eyes. I've evolved. My perspective has grown because I have a front row seat to what women of today are dealing with, what they're thinking, what they're struggles are, how they're shaping our culture and responding to it. I'm constantly immersed in and contributing to a thriving community of passionate people. It's been really incredible.

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SH: Do you have a favorite experience from your time with Lime Crime?

KW: The one that pops into mind is the first time I walked into Lime Crime. I was going into meet with the founder, Doe Deere, to talk about business, when I walked and saw the manifesto on her wall. It says things like "Don't Suck" and "Dress to Impress." It's this list of really powerful statements that stuck with me immediately and showed me what Lime Crime is all about.

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SH: What do you love most about working for the brand?

KW: If I have to pick one, it would be the people—both the customers and our Lime Crime team. Across the board, Lime Crime people are fun, vibrant and creatively inspiring.

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SH: What's one thing Lime Crime-lovers would be surprised to know about the brand?

KW: Our founders, Doe and Mark Dumbelton, were in a band together in New York. They had a special kind of music that they called fairytale rock. They were wearing the fairytale-inspired whimsical looks that are still with Lime Crime today.

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SH: What's one of the biggest misconceptions you've heard about Lime Crime?

KW: People think of Lime Crime as kind of unattainable, because the looks we show are so expressive and magical. The people we showcase aren't necessarily makeup artists. We love to highlight regular girls creating their own unique looks, but they do it at such a high level. I think people really believe we only have these bright, vibrant colors, but that's not all that's to Lime Crime. Really about 80% of our assortment is easily wearable. We have a very broad assortment for everybody. Our motto is when in doubt, be a unicorn. Unicorns take lots of different forms. They're not always bright. Sometimes they're neutral. Our founder likes to say we practice "radical inclusion."

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SH: Why do you wear makeup?

KW: I like having the ability to change how I feel by changing how I look, and changing how I look based on how I feel. It's a really fluid relationship that's powerful.

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SH: As we're at Girl Cult with these amazing female artists, which artist's music really makes you feel the most empowered?

KW: Personally, I love every kind of music. For Lime Crime, we're all about Poppy right now. We all get super excited and inspired when we listen to her music. It sticks with you. For the most part, it's really upbeat. Mostly, I think we just admire how she's true to herself and she's building this music empire on her own terms.

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