All the Fun Facts You Should Know About Actor Nathan Arenas

It's not enough to know Nathan Arenas from his onscreen roles.

Even if you've already become acquainted with the actor through Bunk'd or any of his other TV gigs, get ready to learn even more. He opened up to Sweety High this week and shared a variety of fun facts about himself, including the word he uses all the time, his favorite scent and more.

Keep reading to become an expert on all things Nathan!

Nathan Arenas

(Photo credit: Nathan Arenas)

Name: Nathan Arenas

Hometown: Lynwood, California

Birthday: Sept. 30

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. A word he constantly uses is "exactly."

2. His favorite scent in the world is "the smell of mango with a hint of spice!"

3. He's a fan of winter.

"My favorite day of the year is the second-to-last day of fall because that's usually when winter kicks in."

-Nathan Arenas

4. His current Netflix obsession is On My Block, because he loves the plot and thinks the actors are "really great!"

5. Nathan finds inspiration in music, books and sometimes photos.

6. He tends to add "a little sense of comedy" to all his roles because he likes to make people smile.


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