Everything You Need to Know About Sydney to the Max Star Ruth Righi

We're loving getting to know actress Ruth Righi, the star of Disney's new comedy series, Sydney to the Max.

We got the lowdown from Ruth herself—she shared some fun facts about with Sweety High this week. Scroll below to find out what she had to say!


(Photo credit: Ed Herrera)

Name: Ruth Mouma Righi

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California

Birthday:  Sept. 7

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Her Sydney to the Max character isn't exactly like her.

"Sydney and I both play bass. Something different about us is that Sydney is much better at hiding things than I am."

-Ruth Righi

2. She likes both sweet and sour. Chocolate and grapefruit is the snack she can't live without.

3. She can't pick just one hero (but she doesn't have to!).

"A few of my biggest heroes are my grandma, Tina Fey, Malala, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg."

-Ruth Righi

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4. Picking an all-time favorite band or artist is also challenging for her.

"That's a hard one. Currently I'm listening to Prince, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish."

-Ruth Righi

5. Like so many of us, she crushed on Zac Efron's High School Musical character, Troy Bolton, back in the day. We really were all in it together, weren't we?

6. Eating couscous and macaroni and cheese makes her think of home. Yum.

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7. She's not exactly a rebel. For her, it doesn't get much wilder than doing a "ding dong door ditch" with her friends.


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