Everything You Need to Know About Musical Artist Aja9

Aja9 is barely in her teens, and she's already making radio-worthy music.

The singer is living her dream, but she's super relatable, too. She chatted with Sweety High this week and dished about her celeb crush, her favorite pizza toppings and more. Keep scrolling to find out the 411 on the singing sensation.


(Photo credit: Kristin Chalmers)

Name: Aja9

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Birthday: April 28

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. Michael Jackson is one of her historical mentors because "he was the ultimate performer."

2. She usually orders pepperoni on her pizza but is considering becoming a vegetarian.

3. She has a thing for Shawn Mendes.

"At the moment my celebrity crush would be Shawn Mendes. He's going out on tour with Alessia Cara and it's going to be an incredible show by two amazing Canadian artists. I would love to open for him someday!"


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4. Her favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, and she used to dress up as Ariel and sing and dance around the house.

5. She can't pick just one favorite beauty product because she loves trying new stuff.

"There's a lot of products I love! At the moment I'm loving Milk products. I love the cooling water stick because it hydrates my face and makes it look glowy."


6. She looks to her parents for inspiration.

"They make sure I'm surrounded by great people who motivate and inspire me. I work with and am mentored by incredible people. I'm lucky to be around people who push me to be my best me!"



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