Here's What You Should Know About Dancer Areana Lopez

If you follow Areana Lopez, you already know she's an up-and-coming dancer. Let's dive into what you don't know.

Besides having gotten her big break on Lifetime's Dance Moms, the teen is super relatable. She shared fun facts about herself with Sweety High this week, and covered everything from her favorite nail polish colors to her dream vacation spots.

Keep reading to learn all about Areana!

Areana Lopez

(Photo credit: Bonnie Nichoalds)

Name: Areana Evani Lopez

Hometown: Apple Valley, California (born in Longview, Washington)

Birthday: May 21, 2005

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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Fun Facts:

1. Areana has been inspired by a special quote since she was six years old. The quote is: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

2. If she weren't a dancer, she'd want to be an actor or a swimmer.

3. Areana's go-to nail polish colors are nude and pink because "they both have a wide variety of options varying from natural tones to very strong and bold tones."

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4. Her dream vacation destinations are Spain and the Bahamas.

5. She most recently binge-watched Grey's Anatomy and Friends.

6. If she were going to live in a fictional world, she'd want it to be Wonderland.


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