Here's What You Should Know About Musician Brynn Elliott

Our playlists have been filling up with Brynn Elliott's music.

The "Internet You" singer released her debut EP, Time of Our Lives, last year, and she's been busy touring and performing. Luckily, she found time to chat with Sweety High this week to share fun facts about herself. We learned why she feels so strongly about cookie cake, the sport she's "weirdly" good at, and more.

Scroll on to read all about Brynn!

Brynn Elliott

(Photo credit: Rachel Deeb)

Name: Brynn Elliott

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: Nov. 11

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Fun Facts:

1. Brynn has a very passionate stance against cookie cake.

"I really can't stand cookie cake—it's not cake, it's just one big cookie with icing on it. I am a big fan of cake, proper, so for something to qualify as 'cake' it must actually be cake."

-Brynn Elliott

2. Her favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.

3. She's a Hufflepuff, according to an online quiz she took.

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4. Brynn is the youngest of her siblings, but she says she has the personality of an oldest sibling. Her brother would "gladly tell you" she can be bossy.

5. Her current Netflix obsession is The Great British Baking Show.

6. She's a surprisingly good swimmer—"weirdy!"


Watch the official video for her track "Might Not Like Me" below!


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