Fun Facts to Know About Blogger Carrie Berk

Carrie Berk is nothing if not precocious.

The teen has been blogging and writing books since she was in elementary school, and now she's an activist, too. Her website, Carrie's Chronicles, is all about "style empowerment," and we're all for it. She shared fun facts with Sweety High this week, and it's safe to say she's just getting started.

Scroll on for the 411 on Carrie!


(Photos via Instagram)

Name: Caroline Miriam Berk

Hometown: New York City

Birthday: Dec. 17

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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Fun Facts:

1. Sushi and cereal are her two favorite foods—even though they're "complete opposites."

2. Carrie still loves to binge One Tree Hill, and once flew to North Carolina just to cover the convention for her website.

3. When she's not blogging, she loves to box and do ballet.

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4. She has a signature "C" necklace from Alex Woo that you'll never see her without.

5. The TV character Carrie Bradshaw is not only her name twin but also her style icon. She still loves "the classic white tutu from the opening sequence."

6. She blocks out the haters and lives by her Carrie's Chronicles motto: "Your Style, Your Superpower."


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