What You Need to Know About Actor Hunter Payton

If you don't already know of Hunter Payton or you don't know enough, it's time to change that.

The young actor has been on TV shows like Criminal Minds and A to Z, and he also happens to be a parkour enthusiast. He talked about that hobby and covered a ton of other topics with Sweety High this week.

Read on for all the fun facts we learned!

Hunter Payton

(Photo credit: Shandon Photography)

Name: Hunter Vincent Payton

Hometown: Simi Valley, California

Birthday: Oct. 4, 2004

Zodiac Sign: Libra

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Fun Facts:

1. Halloween is Hunter's favorite time of year, and he makes and collects masks.

2. He used to be afraid of heights and zombies, but he's gotten over those phobias.

3. Hunter usually wears athletic shorts and pants because he likes to do parkour when he's out and about and needs to be able to move easily.

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4. Visiting Hell Creek Formation is his dream vacation because it's a famous fossil spot. It is spread out over parts of Montana, the Dakotas and Wyoming.

5. His favorite jokes are "super random and unpredictable."

6. He's determined and able to pick things up quickly, and those are two of his favorite things about himself.


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