Get to Know Actor and Dancer Merrick Hanna

We're a little jealous of anyone who has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but that doesn't keep us from liking Merrick Hanna.

Actually, Merrick has done a lot in the last several years that could inspire envy. The actor-slash-dancer has competed on America's Got Talent, hosted Fox's Dance Squad, appeared on the series Mani, and more. But he's also not afraid to admit he's a "homebody with perfectionist tendencies." He shared that and more fun facts with Sweety High this week.

Keep scrolling for all the deets on Merrick!

Merrick Hanna

(Photo credit: Kyshotz)

Name: Merrick Hanna

Hometown: San Diego, California

Birthday: March 22

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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Fun Facts:

1. Merrick is an Aries, but he doesn't think that fits him very well.

"I'm probably more like a mix between Taurus and Virgo since I'm a bit of a homebody with perfectionist tendencies."

-Merrick Hanna

2. His favorite day of the year is his birthday, but after that comes Halloween. He makes "the coolest" costumes with his dad, plus props for a local haunted house.

3. As a kid, Merrick was "obsessed" with the iconic Singing in the Rain scene where Gene Kelly dances in the rain with an umbrella.

"I would stand outside with my rainbow umbrella waiting for the water to come down!"

-Merrick Hanna

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4. One of his strange quirks is absentmindedly taking off one of his socks and then spending the rest of the day walking around with only one sock on.

5. His hobbies take skill.

"I really like hobbies that involve lots of care, tons of details, and focusing for long periods of time. For example, drawing really detailed robots, folding complex origami, building mechanisms in Minecraft and more!"

-Merrick Hanna

6. He likes almost any topping on his pizza—just not bell peppers.


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