Everything You Need to Know About Musical Artist SUNNY

SUNNY is shining in the music world, so we wanted to learn more about the talented teen.

She opened up to Sweety High this week and shared some key facts. Keep reading to get the lowdown on the rising artist!


(Photo courtesy of SUNNY)

Name: Sunny Malouf (a.k.a. SUNNY)

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Birthday:  March 2, 2004

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Fun Facts:

1. She doesn't have a crush on any fictional characters, but she's obsessed with Aquaman and has already seen it three or four times.

2. Her bucket list is "longggg," and atop it are some serious #musicgoals.

"At the top of my bucket list, it would either be receiving a Grammy, performing at the Grammys, or being the youngest person to sell out a stadium to tour."


3. She uses the star-eyed emoji most, "because it's universal."


4. Her phone doesn't take up all her time, and yet she's hooked on a couple of apps.

"The one app that I probably couldn't live without, even though I don't really spend most of my time on my phone, it would probably be Gmail because I'm always answering emails. But if you're talking about social media, then it would be Instagram for sure!"


5. She doesn't have a good luck charm or a ritual, but a quick prayer helps when she's nervous.


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