Every Fun Fact to Know About Rising Star Rihanna Quinn

At Sweety High, we always keep an eye out for rising stars in each field.

That's why we're obsessed with dancer and actress Rihanna Quinn (who also happens to be the sister of CoCo and Kaylee Quinn).

Keep reading for fun facts about Rihanna!

(Photo Credit: Sweety High)

Name: Rihanna Quinn

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Birthday: December 24

Sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. She does all kinds of dance, but her favorite is hip-hop.

2. She's been a vegetarian for two years.

3. Her favorite muser is Miss Jayden B:

"If there was a movie about my life, I would want her to play me!" -Rihanna Quinn

4. Her favorite song of 2018?

"I can't stop listening to "Keep It Lit" by Tegan Marie! I got to be in the music video, which was so fun. It was my first time on a shoot like that!" -Rihanna Quinn

5. She totally believes in ghosts.

6. If she were stranded on a desert island, she'd bring…

"Food, slime—for something to do!—and a surfboard. I don't surf, but I would learn!" -Rihanna Quinn


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