What You Need to Know About Country Artist Spencer Crandall

Spencer Crandall and his music have found a place in our hearts.

The country singer took a risk by moving to Nashville, and it's paying off big time. In fact, he dropped his most recent album, More, two months ago. When he's not on stage, though, he's just like a lot of us, as he shared with Sweety High this week.

Keep scrolling to learn what pizza topping Spencer despises, his weirdest habit, and more.


(Image courtesy of Spencer Crandall)

Name: Spencer Charles Crandall

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Birthday: Dec. 12

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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Fun Facts:

1. Spencer's first big break was opening for Chris Lane in 2016.

"It felt like someone finally said, 'Hey, you have what it takes,' and that meant a lot. I'll always be super thankful to Chris and his crew for that!"

-Spencer Crandall

2. He couldn't live without GPS on his phone because he's "directionally challenged."

3. His weirdest habit is whistling all the time—he doesn't even notice he's doing it.

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4. He hates being sick.

"I just want to operate at 100% all the time, and I get really frustrated when I'm under the weather."

-Spencer Crandall

5. The scariest thing he's ever done was "move across the country to start a music career in Nashville," he says.

6. He likes his pizza with "anything besides anchovies."


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