Get to Know Social Media Stars Jason and Joe Waud

We've got a double dose of man crush for you: the Waud twins.

Jason and Joe Waud are brothers who built a following by sharing their music skills on social media, and they talked to Sweety High this week to spill fun facts about themselves. Ready for the intel? Keep scrolling!

Waud Twins

(Photo credit: Oaklyn Photography)

Names: Jason and Joe Waud

Hometown: Everett, Washington

Birthday: March 14

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Fun Facts:

1. Jason considers dancing outside his strangest hobby.

2. Joe's best fan encounter involved a whole swarm of people.
"At Playlist Live Orlando I was mobbed by tons of supporters. It was crazy!"

-Joe Waud

3. Jason and Joe's family has four pets, including a pair of dogs named Chevy and Cappy.

4. Joe loves Panda Express, and his favorite dishes are orange chicken and chow mein.

5. Jason admits that Instagram is the one app he can't live without.

6. Joe is the one person who never fails to make Jason smile.


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