Here's What You Need to Know About Country Duo Wild Fire

The girls behind Wild Fire are living the dream.

Sisters Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig make up the country duo, and they released their latest EP, Been There, in April. And yet, they're two normal teens. They opened up to Sweety High this week about what they're streaming, what's good at Starbucks, where inspiration strikes and more.

Keep reading for all the fun facts about Wild Fire!

Wild Fire

(Photo credit: Amy Smith)

Names: Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig

Birthday: April 30, 2003 (Kayla) and Jan. 24, 2005 (Kelli)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (Kayla) and Aquarius (Kelli)

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Fun Facts:

1. Kayla's current Netflix obsession is Gossip Girl, and the movie Kelli has seen the most times is Christmas Vacation.

2. Kayla usually orders an iced vanilla almond milk latte at Starbucks.

3. Kelli looks for inspiration by running and hiking.

4. Kayla's favorite scent in the world is cashmere.

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5. Kelli's weirdest habit is holding her breath when someone sneezes.

6. Kayla would live in the '80s if she could.

7. Kelli loves the current corduroy style trend.


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