Get to Know Entertainer Zmny

Zmny is making a name for himself in music and in acting. Not only has he starred in the Starz TV series Shameless, he's a young rapper with multiple tracks to his name already.

Whether you're just getting to know the entertainer or you're already a fan, you need to know these fun facts that Zmny shared with Sweety High this week. He revealed everything from the top item on his bucket list to his biggest fear. Scroll on to learn all about Zmny!


(Photo credit: Devone Xavier King)

Name: Oziz Nzeribe

Hometown: Monrovia, California

Birthday: Nov. 15

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Fun Facts:

1. The No. 1 item on his bucket list is meeting and collaborating with Billie Eilish.

2. He's currently obsessed with his purple camo pants.

3. His friends are the people who make him laugh most.

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4. He enjoys life even through trials and tribulations.

5. Nemo of Finding Nemo is the Disney character he relates to most.

6. Drowning is his biggest phobia.


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