8 Fun Fall Things to Do With Your Friends This Year

The leaves are changing colors, there seem to be pumpkins just about everywhere and Halloween candy has hit the shelves.

There's only one thing that all can mean: fall is officially here! Looking for some fun things to do with your friends this season? If so, you've come to the right place. That's right, you don't need a date to enjoy the ideas we have for you here, just your friends and (hopefully) some festive fall weather to make things feel extra "pumpkin spice and everything nice." Take a look at our list of fun fall things to do with your friends, below!

1. Have a Photo Shoot at Your Nearest Pumpkin Patch

It doesn't matter if you live somewhere where pumpkins grow naturally or somewhere that has to ship them in to stack on hay bails, a pumpkin patch is always a great idea during the fall. Grab your closest friends, a camera (AKA the person with the nicest phone) and your cutest fall outfit, then get ready to take enough pictures to last your feed all season long.

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2. Snuggle Up With Snacks In Front of the Biggest TV You Can Find

In case you somehow missed the memo, Hocus Pocus 2 just came out, and it's begging for you to watch it. Even if you've already seen it, fall is the perfect time to cozy up with your friends with all your favorite snacks and spooky flicks (or just rom-coms if scary isn't your thing).


3. Do a Group Halloween Costume

If you're one of those people that has a big idea for your Halloween costume each year that ends up always falling through due to a lack of solid plans, make this the year that you finally go for it. Plan a group costume idea with your friends (we're talking Spice Girls, Sanderson Sisters or even Powerpuff Girls) and get ready to impress everyone you know with your skill and commitment to the craft of a good costume.


4. Go to a Haunted House

Even if you consider yourself a total scaredy cat, haunted houses can be so much fun with the right group of people by your side. Sure, you'll scream plenty, but that really is half the fun when it comes to this time of year!

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5. Host/Attend a Friendsgiving

Once Halloween (and the copious amounts of candy received during it) has been put behind us, it's time to get ready for a fabulous feast. While the real Thanksgiving holiday gets most of the spotlight, we would almost argue that Friendsgiving is just as worthy of your time and attention. It's all the deliciously decadent fun of Thanksgiving without the drama, making it the perfect fall activity for you and your friends.


6. Find Somewhere to Volunteer

Thanksgiving or not, fall is a time for giving—even if all you have to give is your time. Even if you've never had an interest in volunteering before, it's an activity that is equally as rewarding as it can be fun. Get a group of friends together and brainstorm ideas for volunteering opportunities, which could include everything from a beach cleanup to an animal rescue or even serving food at a local food bank.


7. Decorate Pumpkins Without the Mess of Carving

To participate in this fun fall activity, all you need is some pumpkins, sharpies and a cute place to go where you can decorate those pumpkins to your heart's desire. Sharpies create all the visual effects of carving your pumpkins, only without the mess of dealing with pumpkin guts galore. Sure, you won't be able to place a candle inside when you're done, but your vegetal masterpiece will last you far longer than just November 1st.

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8. Go Thrifting

A new season is always a great excuse to trade in your clothes for something fresh, and thrifting is a way to do just that without breaking the bank (or causing harm to the environment). To make this a full-on fall activity, have each of your friends clear out their closets for items they're willing to get rid of, then hit your nearest thrift or consignment store to sell your old stuff while buying some newer, more "you" pieces at the same time. It's a great way to reduce the amount of waste we all create while simultaneously getting some brand-new looks that are sure to stun all season long.


If this list is any evidence, you don't need a significant other to make this fall the best season so far. But if you actually are on the lookout for cute fall date ideas, you can click HERE for our list of the best ones.