These Fun Activities Will Liven Up Any Galentine's Day Party

No plans around Valentine's Day?

That's okay, because you have your girlfriends to celebrate with. Round up the girls and tell them you're hosting and fill your Galentine's Day party with the funnest activities to bring you and your besties even closer together. Galentine's Day is officially Feb. 13, the day before Valentine's Day, and after your get-together, you won't even be thinking about the couple-centric holiday.

Galentine's Day

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1. Rom-Com Movie Night

Get the girls together for binge-watching romantic comedies all night long. There are so many great options from 10 Things I Hate About You to Clueless and more. Grab some snacks and sodas to sit back and laugh together with your best friends this Galentine's Day.

sit back and watch a rom com with your besties

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2. Galentine's Day Brunch

Brunch can be a great time with friends. Get all your girlfriends together and pick your favorite spot for brunch. This is a time for indulging in delicious food and bubbly conversations. And if you don't feel like going anywhere, decorate your home and set up stations in the kitchen for crispy bacon, eggs and delicious waffles. You can also set up DIY photo spots in your home to give everyone some adorable photo opportunities.


3. A Weekend Getaway

Road trips or weekend getaways are so fun and spontaneous. Leaving behind the stresses of school and everyday activities can be a good thing to reset and relax your body. What's better than a weekend to unwind? Book that trip with the girls and celebrate your adventure.

getaway trip planned!

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4. Host a Baking Party

One of the best parts of any celebration is the snacks. Whether you bake your own desserts or do store-bought cookies, make sure you leave time for decorating. Consider setting up a cookie decorating station for everyone to chat and design together. Few things are more fun than laying on the frosting and sprinkles to make the perfect custom cookie.


5. Go Karaoking

Karaoking is always such a blast. You don't have to be a good singer to enjoy yourself. Give your karaoke party a theme to make it even more fun! Dancing and singing in all red and pink outfits would be so iconic, so put on your favorite tunes and show all your besties your best moves.

sing along to some of your favorites

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6. Secret Cupid

Make this your new Galentine's Day tradition. If you aren't familiar it's like the seasonal game "Secret Santa," but with a seasonal twist. Grab a list of the guest and randomize who picks who. Once this is accomplished, set a budget for the gifts and get excited to do your gift exchange once you're all together.


7. Arts and Crafts

You can't go wrong with doing some Galentine's arts and crafts. This is always fun because whoever you invite gets to take home something they made to remember the fun times. Whether it's Happy Galentine's Day cards or a quick DIY backdrop, it's fun to do new things with friends.

get the arts and crafts going this Galentine's Day

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