6 Fun Plans to Make the Night After Your First Day of School

We know, going back to school is a big ol' drag.

Sure, you get to see your crush, catch up with friends and show off your fave new outfit—but it also means hitting the books, dealing with teachers and saying sayonara to sleeping in.

While the first day of school can be a big adjustment, you can give yourself something to look forward to once it ends. Keep reading for six fun plans to make the night after your first day of school.

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1. Hit the Movie Theater

There's gotta be at least one summer flick you failed to catch while you still had the time. Leave it to the night after the first day of school to catch up on what you missed. You shouldn't be bogged down with homework just yet, so this is the perfect opportunity to cram one last cinematic experience into your schedule with a pal or S.O. before movies are only limited to Netflix and weekends.

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2. Have a Nice Dinner

Whether it's with family members or with friends, at a restaurant or at home, there'nothing good food can't fix. Before your first day back to school begins, make a plan to indulge in some fine dining later in the evening. Maybe it's a potluck with your closest pals, or maybe you convince your mom to take you to dinner at the spot you guys only go on your birthday. Your parents will surely empathize with the difficulty of this day for you, and will likely do what they can to use food as a means to make you smile after the struggle.


3. Have an All-Girls Gossip Night

No boys allowed! One of the most fun parts of the first day back to school is talking about everything that happened. And who better to discuss all of it with than your closest gal pals? From the teachers and the suddenly-hot boy from last year's math class to your ex's new girlfriend and your nemesis' awful new 'do—there's just. so. much. Ask your parents if they'll order some pizza for you a few pals and use the time after the day ends to cover every possible element of what's fresh on campus. 

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4. Take on a De-Stressing Activity

If doing things in groups isn't your thing, use the time after the first day back to get into a healthy mental groove. Now that the pivotal first day is behind you, you know some of what to expect in the semester that lies ahead. The first day is nerve-racking enough—now that it's over, decompress by doing something for yourself. Whether it's getting a facial or meditation, taking in a spiritual healing or reiki session, or getting in a good workout, separate yourself from the stress of the new school year by doing something that'll keep you mentally and emotionally balanced.


5. Have a Vision Board Night

Gathering around with some pals over music, food, convo and manifestation is the perfect way to kick off the school year. Whether you want to focus on finding love, success or general happiness, grab some magazines, poster board, scissors and glue, and put together a vision board that represents what you want in the coming year. At the end of your project, you and your pals can take one big group photo showing off everything you plan to accomplish in the next nine months.

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6. Scroll Insta for Outfit Inspo and Plan for the Week Ahead

While you've likely put loads of thought into what to wear on your first day back, you've got nine long months of outfit choices ahead of you. Take a long scroll through Instagram, looking at fall or general back-to-school trends, and start planning out your next looks accordingly. This will not only be super fun but will alleviate early morning stress in the days ahead.


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