7 Unique Summer Camps You'll Want to Attend

Summer vacation is coming! Can you believe it?

If you haven't figured out how you will spend your long vacay yet, we have a few amazing, unique and unforgettable suggestions.

Scroll below to see seven camps that are totally worth visiting this summer.

ThrillCoaster Tours Roller Coaster Camp 

Where: Woodbridge, New Jersey

What: The focus of this summer camp is purely fun. This traveling camp takes you to 12 amusement parks (that's more than 100 roller coasters!) in approximately 15 days. When you're not at an amusement park, you may attend a baseball game or even go white water rafting. This camp is definitely suitable for anyone who likes to get their heartbeat racing! More info HERE.

Kids on a roller coaster

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Camp Motorsport

Where: Clover, Virginia

What: Do you have a need, a need for speed? Then Camp Motorsport is the perfect summer destination for you. This camp features 3.5 miles of flat track, an amazing paved go kart track and 20 miles of off-road trails. If you're an experienced racer or a complete novice, you're guaranteed to have a good time and learn the driving techniques you need to know. More info HERE.

Two teens in a go kart

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iD Game Design and Development Academy

Where: Multiple Locations

What: Ever dreamed of making your own video game? Now you can learn how to at iD Game Design and Development Academy. Learn how to develop your own character, design 3D levels and build a game from start to finish. If just the sound of this camp is making you nerd out, you can find out more info HERE.

Girl playing video games

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American Parkour

Where: Washington D.C.

What: Ready to hardcore parkour? This five day camp is all the adventure you'll ever need. You'll first learn to run, jump, climb, vault and roll in an amazing parkour gym, and then you'll take your new skills out to local parkour attractions with your coach. If you want a super active summer, this is the camp for you! More info HERE.

A guy doing parkour

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Camp Broadway

Where: Multiple Locations

What: Are you a theater kid? Than you'll definitely want to check out Camp Broadway—a musical theater camp taught by Broadway professionals. In just one intensive week's time, you'll rehearse and perform a musical. You think you have what it takes⭐? More info HERE.

Kids participating in Camp Broadway on stage

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Camp Winnarainbow

Where: Laytonville, California

What: If you've ever dreamed of joining the circus, this is the camp for you. This overnight camp is a circus and performing arts camp that will teach you everything you need to know from walking on stilts to learning how to trapeze. Coolest part? You get to sleep in tipis!

Camp Winnarainbow

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Hollywood Stunt Camp

Where: Hollywood, California

What: You can finally discover what it really takes to be a big time Hollywood stunt double by attending this camp where you'll learn everything from stunt safety, to hand-to-hand contact, to swordplay techniques. You'll leave this place feeling like a real action hero.

Hollywood Stunt Camp

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