Prom can be one of the most enchanting evenings of your young life—or it can wind up being just another disappointing school dance.

While we hope your prom is mesmerizing, we get that it might not be—and the salty prom memes are way funnier than the wholesome ones. Here are all of our favorites.

We’d happily accept a pangolin’s promposal:


Mom should not have the final say:


She better step away from that dress:


It’s a good problem to have. But also a terrible, terrible problem to have:


To be fair, a pineapple is a better date than most boys:

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However, a pug is a much better date than a pineapple:

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When you do not approve of your friend’s prom date:


Why you should always ask to approve your date’s outfit:

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You actually look great, but prom is a dramatic time:

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All of our prom pics are accidental memes:


Obviously the most important aspect of prom:


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