We're Cracking Up Over These Relatable Back-to-School Tweets

Sorry y'all, but it's time to head back to school.

To soften the blow, we figured you need a few good laughs before you step into the hallways on your first day.

Scroll below for 10 hilariously relatable Tweets about going back to school.

1. When you really don't want to go back to school:


2. When you set an alarm extra early on the first day to get ready:


3. When you have to sneak in gum to school:


4. When you're the world's best procrastinator:


5. When it's your first week back but you're still in summer mode:


6. When you pretend like you studied when you were really just on Twitter:


7. When school is already draining you of all your energy:


8. When you're a senior and laugh at freshman you:


9. When you leave looking cute but the first day kicked you in the butt:


10. But in the end, at least this isn't you… yet:


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