16 Dad Jokes to Remind Us Why We Love Our Pops This Father's Day

Dads are always coming through in the clutch with those corny quips.

In honor of Father's Day, we thought we'd share some of our fave dad jokes from the internet. Admit it, you've probably chuckled a little at one of these overused one-liners at least once in your life. Don't lie.

In case you need a little fresher on dad's humor, scroll below:

Danny Tanner sitting on a bed with DJ Tanner and Stephanie Tanner in a scene from Full House

(Full House via Warner Bros. Television)


1. This joke that will quack you up:


2. This relevant Taylor Swift jab:


3. This legendary BB-8 pun:


4. This too true anecdote:


5. This joke that's got us like BYE:


6. This pun that probably has Elsa cringing:


7. This meat-free jab:


8. This LOL-worthy Batman joke:


9. This cheesy classic:


10. This one that had us actually laughing:


11. This yolk:


12. This pun that would make tumblr proud:


13. This one that's kind of growing on us:


14. This one that takes dad jokes to the extreme:


15. This punny line:


16. This joke only dads can get away with:


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