This Little Girl's Hamster Didn't Move for 3 Days for the Most Hilarious Reason

While we're not very familiar with funny veterinarian stories, this one has got to be near the top of the list.

A series of text messages posted online by the sibling of a veterinary student documents the visit of a little girl and her pet hamster. After the hamster had been completely immobile in his cage for three days, the little girl finally came into the veterinary clinic looking for an answer to her pet's strange behavior.

They asked the little girl if there was any reason for the hamster's odd actions, and she casually mentioned that he had gotten out of his cage a few days earlier and had been found under the fridge.

Upon further examination, the vet discovered something lodged in the hamster's cheek pouch. Evidently, the hamster's quick adventure to the bottom of the fridge resulted in him swallowing a magnet.

There was nothing wrong with him—except for the fact that he had been stuck to the side of his metal cage for three days.

Click HERE to see the hilarious text conversation.


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