14 Funny Memes to Send to Your Crush on Valentine's Day

Confessing your feelings to your crush on Valentine's Day can be scary.

But at the same time, there may be no better moment to let them know how you feel than a holiday dedicated to love. Hey, go big or go home, right?

If you want your crush to know you care without making things too lovey-dovey, keep scrolling for 14 funny memes to send your crush on Valentine's Day.

1. For all the clumsy lovers:


2. Love you, mean it:


3. This is almost too much love to fathom:


4. Oh, there goes gravity:

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5. A sweet (probably untrue) sentiment:


6. Just beautiful:


7. A throwback we can all appreciate:


8. It sounds like it would work:


9. This math checks out:


10. Just drawn to your energy:

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11. This is a mark of true love:

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12. But not quite as much… yet:

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13. Give it back, please:

14. And just for good measure:



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