13 Memes You Need to Send to Your Sister Right Now

Ah, sisters. Can't live with 'em, and you sure as heck wouldn't want to live without 'em.

They may annoy you to no end, but at the end of the day, they're family through and through. When they get on your nerves, the best thing to do is tease them a bit with the help of some harmless memes.

Keep scrolling for 13 hilarious memes you should send your sister ASAP!

When you're upset that your mom sided with them recently:

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When you're tired of them borrowing your clothes:


When you want them to know you'll always stick up for them:


When you want to wish them a happy birthday in the most hilarious way possible:


When your mom puts you in charge:


When they need to know why they should always hate the same people as you:

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When you need to remind them you love them no matter what:


When you want to tell them their makeup looks terrible in the nicest way possible:

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When you're really in the mood to irritate them:


When you want to stop them from letting their feelings destroy their life:

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When they claim they didn't eat your food, but you know they did:


When another guy asks you for their number:


When you're connected by the heart:


According to your zodiac sign, THIS is the type of sister you are.