G Hannelius Voices Little Bits On Wander Over Yonder!

Dog With A Blog star G Hannelius has done voice work in the past in films and tv shows including Sofia the First and Super Buddies, but our favorite so far was on an episode of Wonder Over Yonder that aired on Disney XD this weekend!g hannelius wander over yonder little bits

In the episode, titled "The Stray," G plays a seemingly helpless kitten named Little Bits, who turns out to be a bounty hunter!

When Sylvia stumbles upon Little Bits playing with her headless toy bear in the middle of a spooky forest at midnight, she discovers the kitten's evil plan to capture Wander and bring him to the malicious Lord Hater!

The evil Little Bits speaks with an adorable lisp. We can't wait for the character, and G, to return in upcoming episodes!

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