23-year-old singer-songwriter and viral sensation Gabi Sklar is one of the fastest-rising voices in pop, and for a very good reason.

With hits including “Pardon My French” and “Good Kisser,” the artist has showcased her incredible voice as well as her punchy, one-of-a-kind songwriting time and time again—and more than 3.5 million TikTok followers are fans. Today, she dropped a brand new single, “Thank God,” pairing her flawless vocals with a smooth and melodic R&B riff as she croons about learning to move past a toxic relationship to finally find her confidence and peace. We knew it was special from the first listen, and in the interview below, Gabi told us all about how it came to be.

The Story Behind ‘Thank God’

Gabi Sklar: I had a lot of unresolved feelings about specific things that have happened in my life and I realized that when you bury those feelings, they still never really go away. We were actually writing a completely different song that day in the studio. When I finally took a break after five hours and went to the bathroom, I came up with the hook for what is now “Thank God.” Thank God, literally, that I took that break, I guess! I think certain songs just write themselves, and this song is one of those instances.


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What ‘Thank God’ Means

GS: I wrote “Thank God” about the end of two toxic relationships: one was the relationship I was in at the time, and the other was the relationship I had with myself. It felt like a breath of fresh air to end this period of my life, address what the reality of my situation was and begin the process of healing that relationship with myself.

Gabi Sklar in blue and yellow ribbon outfit

(Photo credit: Lindsey Ruth)


Gabi’s Favorite Lyric

GS: I love how the chorus ends with the line “I’ll never be the same,” but then the start of the second verse directly after is “Thank God.” I think it creates two different interpretations—thank God I’ll never be the girl I was when I was with you, but also thank God the relationship is over.


On TikTok Success

GS: I am overwhelmingly grateful to have built a safe and loving community after so many years of feeling like no one cared about me or my music. For a while, I felt like I was putting in so many years of hard work and long hours to only have a fan club of my dogs and my mom. It’s nice that that family has grown to something outside of my family!

gabi sklar in white lace

(Photo credit: Lindsey Ruth)


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What’s Next

GS: More music… and possibly coming to a city near you?!


Final Thoughts

GS: I’m so grateful for the response to “Thank God” already, and it means a lot to hear that people can see themselves in the song. The unfortunate truth is that so many of us stay in situations that are bad for us, but your past is just your history, not your future. Thank you for letting me share my story and for embracing it with open arms.

Gabi Sklar in pink puffy bomber jacket

(Photo credit: Lindsey Ruth)


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