Here's What You Need to Know About Actor Gabriel Bateman

Gabriel Bateman is an actor we've seen around often but have never had the chance to get to know on a personal level.

Luckily, we changed that this week by getting to know him as our Man Crush Monday. Find out everything you need to know about him below!

Gabriel Bateman #MCM

(Photo credit: Jeff Vespa)

Name: Gabriel Bateman

Hometown: Turlock, California

Birthday: Sep. 10

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. If he's going to grab a pizza, it will definitely be vegan and have pineapple on it.

2. He loves archery, rock climbing and ice skating.

3. If he could choose any time to live in, it would be right here and now.

"I would love to travel back to the beginning of time though to see exactly how we came to be."

–Gabriel Bateman

4. He has a lot of love for his sister, who is also an actress.

"While filming Robert the Bruce, my sister and I both played archers. There was a constant competition that went on long after they called cut even in below zero weather with limited arrows. We still kept trying to hit our targets. When Patrick Fugit [our instructor and friend] came on set, it only got worse."

–Gabriel Bateman

5. He could never live without Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Chips.

6. The person who makes him laugh the most is his brother Phyllip.

7. His current obsession is shoes—Nikes, in particular.

"I go through phases of obsession so much, my family hates it. I had a Nerf Gun phase and a Bionicle phase. More recently is the Rubik's Cube phase (still) and my most expensive is the Nike shoe phase (still)."

–Gabriel Bateman


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