Gabriela Prendes Tells Us All About Her Personal Style and Brand Thrifts + Threads

When we tell you we're absolutely infatuated with the brand Thrifts + Threads, we're not exaggerating.

The fair trade and slow fashion brand is all about providing opportunities to women from underdeveloped communities around the world. How cool is that? We just had to learn more about the sustainable brand and its founder, Gabriella Prendes. Keep scrolling to find out everything she told us.

Name: Gabriela Prendes

IG Handles: @gprends / @thriftsand_threads

Hometown: Mexico

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Fun Facts

1. Gabriela's brand, Thrifts + Threads, is sustainable and ethically sourced.

"Thrifts + Threads is a Miami-based sustainable fashion brand known for its unique head-turning fringe pieces that amassed a cult social media following. Our slow-fashion brand is recognized for its handmade, fair trade, and ethically sourced pieces with roots in my hometown—Mexico."

-Gabriela Prendes

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2. She's currently loving the denim-on-denim look.


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3. Speaking of denim-on-denim, the Denim ALAÏA Pant Set ($485) is her favorite piece from Thrifts + Threads at the moment.

"Inspired by iconic Britney and Justin Y2K denim on denim look—this color went through more than 10 iterations to nail my desired washed blue shade, and it has now become the best-selling color of the year *chef's kiss.*"

-Gabriela Prendes

4. Gabriela is obsessed with Free People's Hailee Sweater Set ($128)—she has it in multiple colors.


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5. She describes her personal style as executive-ish.

"I always like to give classic timeless pieces an unconventional twist. If my mom and dad were an outfit, my mom would be a white dress shirt and my dad a pair of converse. I would wear them both together and that right there would be the most accurate representation of my take on style."

-Gabriela Prendes

6. The moment she realized she could leverage looks the average person would find themselves hating was the moment she became obsessed with style.

7. Her mom gave her some great advice.

"'Success does not come at the speed of Amazon Prime.' My mom would tell me this all the time when I was frustrated with school, and my definition of success has changed a lot since, but this phrase really stuck with me."

-Gabriela Prendes


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8. Hailey Bieber, Marren Morris, Halsey, Keke Palmer, Nina Agdal, Camila Coelho, Jessie J and Ciara have been spotted wearing Thrifts + Threads.

9. Gabriela's favorite person to follow on TikTok is @sjbleau.

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10. Thrifts + Threads is not for the faint of heart.

"Our pieces are just unapologetically bold, daring and unafraid to drop some jaws."

-Gabriela Prendes


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