If You Like La Croix But Crave More Flavor, Gac Beverages Are for You

LaCroix is arguably one of the most popular soft drinks to gain mainstream success in the last three years, but if we have a complaint, it's that the brand's flavors aren't pronounced enough.

While they certainly have the right idea (who can turn down the refreshing appeal of tangerine, passion fruit, coconut and more?), we taste much more carbonation than we do actual fruit flavor.

That's why when I was introduced to Gac drinks at FounderMade in Sept., I looked forward to testing these beverages that have fruit flavors and taste like actual fruit.


(Photo courtesy of GacLife)

The Product

The beverages are named after a lesser-known superfruit called Gac (Asia's best-kept health and beauty secret), which is packed into every single 12 oz. can. Gac contains the highest concentration of carotenoid, one of the world's most potent antioxidants, packed with a slew of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Its description refers to it as "a fountain of youth in your water bottle" once it's mixed into a liquid form.

There are six flavors (Lemon Water, Pineapple Water, Peach Water, Mango Sparkling Water, Lemon Sparkling Water, Passionfruit Sparkling Water). Each six-pack is $24—but chock full of nutrients and all-natural flavor, it makes sense why these are on the pricier side. Though, as an added bonus, if you purchase a six-pack, the company will send a six-pack to one of your friends—for free!


The Experience

As someone who is pretty health-conscious, I was excited to try the nutritious, beauty-boosting beverage. I am very sensitive to drinks with added sugar or artificial sweetener, so I tend to steer clear of most fruity drinks—and when it comes to beverages like LaCroix, that are basically soda water with a hint of flavor, I'd much rather drink regular water.

I was sent the Pineapple Water and Mango Sparkling Water to review. Both flavors were tasty, but they absolutely need to be well-refrigerated for the best taste. When I sipped the pineapple drink warm, it tasted like watered down pineapple juice, but once chilled, it tasted like a refreshing drink that blended together nicely. If carbonation is your thing, the carbonated versions will be more fitting for your tastes. That said, even if you aren't big on carbonation, Gac drinks are not overbearing the way LaCroix (for example) can be.


Bottom Line

Although Gac drinks are on the pricier side, you can use one nutrient-dense can in place of a light meal in the morning if you're running late to school or work. The drinks are also excellent for your skin, so if you're in need of a daily dose of hydration that you've otherwise missed, this is a solid bet. The drinks are tasty and easy to transport, and they're definitely worth a try.


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