20 Gadgets for $20 and Under That'll Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

If you can't tell already, this is going to be one hot summer.

It's also an unusual one, given that we're in the middle of a pandemic. But whether you're cooped up inside or you get the odd occasion to hang out by the pool or spend a day at the beach, Amazon has everything you need to make the most of it. Keep scrolling for our 20 favorite products for beating the heat, all $20 and under.

1. Biulotter 6 Pack Foam Water Blaster Set: $16.99

Nothing beats a water gun fight on a sweltering day by the pool, and this inexpensive six-pack of foam blasters makes it easy for the whole family to get in on the fun. They're compact, as well as fun and easy to use, and since they float, you'll never have to worry about them sinking to the bottom of the pool.

Amazon: Biolutter 6 pack foam water blaster set

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2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Non-Greasy Sunscreen Stick: $8.97

The first step to having a beautiful summer is ensuring that you don't spend the bulk of it nursing a painful and itchy sunburn. The solution? Great sunscreen. This 70 SPF stick from Neutrogena makes it super easy to apply sunscreen to the areas that need it most, with any of the mess.

Amazon: Neutrogena ultra sheer non-greasy sunscreen stick

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3. Silicone Popsicle Molds: $15.99

Popsicles are the simplest treat to make and dig into when the sun stops you in your tracks, and they tend to taste even better when they come in cute and colorful shapes. These BPA-free molds allow you to make Disney-level ice pops in your own freezer, and in any flavor your heart desires.

Amazon: silicone popsicle molds

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4. GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float: $19.99

This sweet little float from GoFloats is proof than adorable unicorn floats don't have to cost $50 or more. With its golden horn and rainbow mane, it's got everything you might want from the whimsical creature, and it's sure to keep you afloat.

Amazon: GoFloats unicorn pool float

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5. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards: $7.39

Why leave the comfort of a cooling pool to start a game of cards when you don't have to? These waterproof and hand-washable cards are perfect for the beach or the pool, and with literal thousands of playing card games in existence, there's an infinite amount of fun to be had with them.

Amazon: Hoyle waterproof clear playing cards

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6. LUVNFUN 4 Pack Cooling Towels: $13.99

Need to cool down fast after in the summer sun? Just dip one of these towels into water for 10 seconds, wring them dry, and place them around your neck for cooling that lasts for hours. These special cooling towels work without the use of chemicals, instead cooling with ultra evaporative and breathable material, and they also protect from harmful UV rays.

Amazon Luvnfun 4 pack cooling towels

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7. Personal USB Blender: $18.99

Before you invest in an expensive blender to start making your own fruit juices at home, try a USB-powered blender like this one. While we wouldn't advise it for icy beverages, it makes quick work of fruits and veggies, turning them into deliciously sippable drinks in just a minute.

Amazon: Personal USB blender

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8. Spot It! Waterproof: $14.22

In recent years, Spot It! has become a beloved interactive fame with families, and we love that it's now playable even in the water. This clever package has five different games in one, testing observation and comparison skills anywhere, anytime.

Amazon: Spot It Waterproof

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9. Utiliter Hand Free Necklace Fan: $16.95

This unique fan accessory wraps around your neck like an unused pair of headphones, surrounding your face with cool air. It's lightweight and portable with four speed settings and two fans that can be turned in any direction. It's also rechargeable and USB-powered, with the charge lasting for two to seven hours, depending on the speed you decide to use.

Amazon: Utiliter hand-free necklace fan

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10. Swimline Giant Pretzel: $10.79

Chic pool floats aren't known for being particularly affordable, so when you find one this cute for such a great price, it's hard not to immediately snatch it up. This pretzel design is adorable and perfect, whether you want to ride solo or share with a couple of friends.

Amazon: Swimline giant pretzel float

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11. DASH My Pint Electric Machine: $19.99

Who said ice cream makers had to be expensive? This wondrous little machine may only churn up a couple of scoops at a time, but it allows you to throw in whatever dreamy ingredients you like in order to make gelato, sorbet or frozen yogurt. Whether you want to stay on the healthy side or dive into decadence is up to you.

Amazon: Dash my electric machine

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12. Boley Diving Gems: $17.99

While you technically don't need any extra tools to practice your diving skills this summer, having something to collect–like these Boley Diving Gems—can make the process a lot more fun. They come in vibrant colors and fun shapes, and it's always fun to see who can collect the most in a single dive.

Amazon: Boley Diving Gems

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13. Sephora The Freezing Mask: $17

Beating the heat can be a form of self-care, and this freezing mask from Sephora is proof of it. Using hydrogel, eucalyptus and menthol, it creates a chilly effect on the skin that feels great on a hot day while also making skin feel firm and renewed.

Amazon: Sephora the Freezing mask

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14. Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder: $17.99

Why leave your soda by the edge of the pool and risk it getting splashed into or sipped by someone else when you can safely place your can inside one of the holders on this adorable accessory? It includes five cup-holders, as well as a tray for snacks and other goodies, so it can float along with you as you lounge.

Amazon: Jasonwell inflatable rainbow cloud drink holder

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15. Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker: $14.99

Have you ever dreamed of making your own tiny and delectable ice cream sandwiches at home? This special cutout tool allows you to press ice cream sandwiches into star, heart and circle shapes using nothing more than cookies and ice cream.

Amazon: Cuisipro mini ice cream sandwich maker

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16. Mission Cooling Performance Baseball Cap: $19.99

It's always a good idea to wear a brimmed hat if you're going to be outdoors in the sun for a long time, but it's an even better idea to wear one with built-in cooling technology. By wetting, wringing and waving the hat around, you can activate its cooling properties, bringing its temperature to 30° below body temperature for up to two hours.

Amazon: Mission cooling performance baseball cap

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17. Multicolored Ice Cube Molds and Droppers: $12.99

Ice cubes instantly make any drink better on a hot summer day, but you don't have to feel stuck with the boring cubes that come out of a traditional ice cube tray. These unique molds will help you make cubes in delightful cactus, flamingo, palm tree and pineapple shapes, and they also double as candy and chocolate molds, if the mood calls for it.

Amazon: Multicolored ice cube molds and droppers

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18. UNO: Splash: $9.97

Here's another classic card game that's convinced us that all games need to be waterproofed. UNO is all about discarding as many of your cards as quickly as possible, being sure to call out "uno" when you only have one card left, or you'll be forced to draw more cards. It also comes with a clip to ensure that precious cards don't get lost in the deep end.

Amazon: Uno Splash card game

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19. CuisiPro Scoop and Stack: $20

Stacking your cones high with perfectly shaped balls of ice cream sounds good on paper, and often fails in execution when the process just gets plain messy. This ingenious tool does the scooping for you, making perfect cylindrical scoops every time. Whether you're giving yourself a triple-scoop or concocting a banana split, the Scoop and Stack makes all the difference.

Amazon: Cuisipro scoop and stack

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20. Swimming Pool Dive Toy with Inflatable Basketball Hoop: $18.99

If you're a more active swimmer, you may want to make an athletic day out of your time at the pool. When filled with water, this basketball-shaped toy sinks, creating a diving game. Whoever collects it first gets to take a shot at the floating hoop.

Amazon: Swimming pool dive toy with inflatable basketball hoop

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