These Are the Funniest Gag Gifts to Give Your Family This Holiday Season

We all know that one person who's all about the laughs when it comes to holiday gifting.

Putting a smile on their face is less about giving them what they want and more about catching them completely off guard, which is where gag gifts come into play. But we're not into mean-spirited gifts, here at Sweety High. Instead, keep reading for a list of our favorite harmless but hilarious prank gifts to give this season.

Prank-O Pet Talk Box: $4+

We're huge fans of Prank-O's gag gift boxes for so many reasons. Firstly, they make the real presents that go inside them way easier to wrap—and when the wrapping paper comes off, your family will be greeted with this absurdly hilarious "PetTalk Animal Translator Collar" box. When they finally get the box open, they'll get to see what the real gift is, so really it's like two different surprises in one.

prankp pet talk box

(via Prank-O)


The Witty Yeti Boxes in a Box: $59.99

Can you tell we have a thing for holiday gift boxes? This Boxes in a Box comes with three sets of six nesting cartons, ranging from two to 12 inches, to keep the unboxing going again and again and again, until they finally get to the tiny gift in the final box! We recommend wrapping every layer for even more festive shenanigans. Hopefully, you've come up with something good for the last one.

Amazon boxes in a box

(via Amazon)


Uncommon Goods Cold Soda Coats: $13

These tiny Cold Soda Coats from Uncommon Goods are actually as practical as they are funny. We think the little puffer jackets make any canned drink look amazing, and the fact that they also keep drinks nice and cold is the cherry on top.

uncommon goods soda coats

(via Uncommon Goods)


Uncommon Goods Bath and Shower Soap Noodles: $15

These Bath and Shower Soap Noodles, also from Uncommon Goods, may look like takeout containers of fresh noodles, but they're actually bold soaps in Singapore Spice and Vietnamese Fresh scents for use in the bath and shower. The noodles can be dropped into the tub to make a bubble bath, or rubbed directly on the skin as soap.

uncommon goods bath shower soap

(via Uncommon Goods)


Prank-O Earwax Candle: $16

Prank-O has some of the best prank gifts around, and this "earwax candle" is perfect because the idea is disgusting, and yet it's actually a beautiful and great-smelling candle. It's actually amber-scented (the "Fresh Mango" is a joke—perhaps fruity earwax is somehow even grosser than standard?) and burns beautifully, but first, it'll make your giftee do a double-take.

pranko earwax candles

(via Prank-O)


Prop Money $10,000 Aged Full Print Prop Money Band: $29.98

Want to convince someone you've just handed them a fat stack of hundred dollar bills? This very real-looking prop money consists of 100 fake $100 bills, and is wadded up to look like the real deal. Just make sure that the recipient knows it's all fake play money. Trying to spend counterfeits is no laughing matter!

prop money 10,000 in a band

(via Prop Money)


Banknote World Zimbabwe 1 Billion Dollars: $14.39 

Or, if you want to give someone real (but worthless) money with an impressive number value on it, why not gift them an authentic 1 billion dollar Zimbabwe note? This bill is no longer legal tender, as this currency was abandoned back in 2009, but it's still a fun gag that even makes an impressive wall display in a frame.

Banknote world zimbabwe 1 billion dollars

(via Banknote World)


GeekyGet Bread Loaf Slippers: $29.95

These silly slippers from GeekyGet resemble loaves of bread, and are designed to be fun and cheeky will also keeping your feet totally warm and toasty (no pun intended). They're also available in three bread-inspired styles, for gifting to every type of bread lover in your life.

geeky get read loaf slippers

(via GeekyGet)


Potato Parcel: $18.99

Think potatoes are neat? Why not send one, with a custom, personalized printed message, to someone you care about? Potato Parcel specializes in printed potato messages to let people know you care in one of the strangest ways possible—but if you're gifting on a budget, you can also recreate the idea with a grocery store spud and a marker.

potato parcel printed potato

(via Potato Parcel)


Prank-O Fresh Garlic Hand Soap Bottle: $8

Again, Prank-O comes through with the prank gifts with this Fresh Garlic Hand Soap Bottle. Don't worry—it actually comes empty—so you can fill it with the recipient's favorite scented soap, and watch their eyes open wide when they tear open the wrapping paper.

pranko fresh garlic hand soap bottle

(via Prank-O)


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