7 Best Gag Gifts to Give Your Single Girlfriends on Valentine's Day

Being single on Valentine's Day can be tough, but it doesn't have to be!

If you've got single friends in your life (or if you're rollin' solo yourself), why not have a little fun with their relationship status? The best way to give your single pals a laugh on a holiday that's all about being showered with chocolates, flowers and other treats by your S.O., is to give them presents they can laugh at.

Scroll down for a list of seven LOL-worthy gag gifts to give your single friends this Valentine's Day!

'Thank U, Next' T-shirt

Let your pal know you support their current relationship status with a cute T-shirt adorned with the phrase du jour: "Thank U, Next." Made famous by the Ariana Grande song of the same name, this adorable top is perfect to give to someone who recently got out of a relationship but still wants to get in on the Valentine's Day spirit. For the pal who's single and game to poke some fun at themselves, this Etsy shirt also comes alternately with the phrase "Forever Alone."

Thank You Next T-Shirt
(via Etsy)


Valentine's Day Whoopee Cushions

Get the ball rolling by gifting your single pals with a valentine that's bound to lead to some laughs. These whoopee cushion cards from Etsy can be addressed and given to the fun-loving friend of your choosing, and even feature a "You're a Gas" logo printed on one side. Sure, this creative card isn't exclusively for people without a partner, but let's face it, it's hard to be bummed about your single status with such a funny valentine!

Valentine's Day Whoppee Cushions
(via Etsy)


Grow a Boyfriend

If your single friends have good senses of humor, chances are they'll appreciate (and get a good laugh out of) this "Grow a Boyfriend" toy. The gimmicky gift, which also comes in the "Grow a Girlfriend" variety, consists of a small plastic figure that grows up to six times its original size when submerged in water, leaving your pal with a 12-inch beau that won't ever pick fights or talk back. As the product's tagline says, "If you can't get a date, then grow the perfect mate."

Grow a Boyfriend
(via Amazon)


Color Him Mine: Instant Boyfriend Coloring Book

For a gift that's simultaneously funny, creative and relaxing, try the Color Him Mine coloring book. The artistic present features dozens of black and white drawings of cute dudes that your pal can color in at their leisure. As the product description states, "This interactive activity book leads you through an assortment of detailed and beautifully designed pen-and-ink illustrations of muscular handsome men, each needing that last touch to bring them to life— you!" What are you waiting for, get coloring!

Color Him Mine Coloring Book
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'Fries Before Guys' T-Shirt

Help your friend proudly demonstrate their single status with this funny T-shirt that hilariously puts tasty food ahead of romantic endeavors. Even those who are coupled-up have to admit there are times when fries most definitely come before guys!

Fries Before Guys Shirt
(via Look Human)


'Committed Relationship With Pizza' Phone Case

If a T-shirt seems a bit too bold, achieve the same result with this cheeky and humorous phone case that lets your single friend know you really "get" them. Honestly, who doesn't want to be in a committed relationship with pizza?

Pizza Phone Case
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'Nacho Bae' T-shirt

Is there anything funnier than a clever pun? Not only will this adorable Look Human T-shirt most definitely make your single friend LOL, but it's also awesome enough to pair with just about anything. And that's great news for your single pal who's looking to embrace, and even celebrate, their single status with a bit of self-deprecating humor.

Nacho Bae Shirt

(via Look Human)


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