What to Know About Model, Fitness Trainer, Activist and Pre-Med Student Gage Gomez

There's a lot more to Gage Gomez than just being a huge star on Instagram and TikTok.

He's also a popular model and fitness trainer with a penchant for numerous sports, on top of being a social activist. And did we also mention he's a pre-med student on track to attend medical school? With everything he has going on, it's incredible he's maintained the social presence he has.

We got the chance to chat with Gage and find out more about the man between the name. Keep reading to find out everything we discovered.

Gage Gomez Man Crush Monday

(Image courtesy of Gage Gomez)

Name: Gage Gomez

Hometown: Sayville, New York

Birthday: July 4

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. His favorite scent is the smell of cinnamon buns.

"It reminds me of walking around in the mall passing by Cinnabon as a kid."

-Gage Gomez

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2. He recently got really into orchestral music.

"I enjoy The Russian Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, founded in 1919."

-Gage Gomez

3. Another unexpected musical favorite of his is Steve Lacy, an alternative R&B and neo soul artist from Compton.

4. He'd love to travel to Italy, Japan, China and Thailand someday—and that's just he beginning of his list.

5. He's not a coffee-drinker.

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6. He's a bit of an anime fan, and his fictional crushes have included Sakura from Naruto and Kurisu Makise from Attack on Titan.

7. If he could only buy his clothes from one place, he'd have to pick either Uniqlo or COS.

8. One of the weirdest rumors he's heard about himself is that he doesn't actually attend university, which is quite silly given that he's a pre-med student.

9. The last celeb he got starstruck over was Tom Hanks.

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10. He gets asked for help quite a bit, whether its from people asking for pre-med advice, tips on how to start modeling, or how to balance school with a modeling career, as well as social media and a social life.

11. Being true to himself is the most important thing to Gage.

"All in all, it comes down to realizing that a lot of people aren't going to like you for who you really are, and that's okay, because the people who do will be your best friends and they are all that matters. I know it's not much advice, but I hope a different perspective can be of some help. I wish the best for you, the real you, I truly do!"

-Gage Gomez


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