Expert Shares How to Gain Back Energy If You've Hit a Quarantine Wall

We can tell you firsthand that even the most motivated, active individuals are likely to eventually hit a wall amid quarantine.

We kicked off coronavirus-induced isolation gratefully employed, cooking gourmet meals from home and working out on our lunch breaks. Quarantine? We got this, we thought, with grand visions in our mind of all the amazing things we'd have accomplished by the time we're back to the once-normal grind.

But suddenly out of nowhere, our seemingly endless ambition went astray—and to be honest, we still haven't fully regained it. That's why we looked to an expert for guidance on getting our groove back. Keep reading for meditation expert Josephine Atluri's guidance on how to gain your energy back if you've hit a quarantine wall.

Sweety High: What are some reasons why we're able to go a full month of quarantine with energy and then have it suddenly come to a halt?

Josephine Atluri: The first month of quarantine was filled with that newness that brings the promise of possibilities even if there was the underlying tone of fear and worry about the uncertainty of the situation. So many of us dove in with visions of all the things we would finally get to accomplish during this time off from the daily grind. Yet, just like when you run a marathon, it can get pretty old fast and it can get tiring, especially when you go full speed at the beginning and don't pace yourself.

Plus, you may not realize it, but your body is in a fight or flight response against the pandemic stress, and it's exhausting to your mind and body. Your body is constantly in this heightened state while you are going full out on those TikTok dances, bread-making, at-home facials, or NBA 2K marathons. It's impossible to keep going at 100% when your body and mind are dealing with stress, fear and loneliness in the background.

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SH: Realistically speaking, is it possible to get back that quarantine energy and desire to thrive? Or is it unlikely it'll ever be at the height it was at the beginning?

JA: Absolutely. Going back to that marathon comparison, there's definitely a way to get that second wind. To reignite that energy and desire to thrive, you first need to rest and refuel. Take a day or two to just chill out, get some sleep, eat nourishing food, and don't hold yourself up to any expectations. Be sure to practice some breathing exercises or meditate to help you keep calm, present and grounded.


SH: What are some ways to get it back even partially?

JA: After you've taken time for yourself to reset via rest and refueling, you can get back into an energized state of being by trying out some new things. Sometimes a change in scenery is all it takes to feel renewed energy and excitement because, let's face it, after a while those live IG workouts are starting to become repetitive and so are all the delicious freshly baked goods—who would have thought possible?!

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SH: What are some important things to remember if you're suddenly over working out, home-cooking and hustling on new projects?

JA: Quarantine is a difficult time unlike anything we've ever experienced in our lives, thus, it is crucial to be kind to yourself. No one is around to judge you and what you are or aren't doing. This is a pandemic after all, not a productivity race. The most important thing is to survive this situation with healthy bodies and healthy minds. It's essential for us to look after our mental wellness by listening to how we feel. Make sure to check in with yourself every day and plan according to how your body and mind feel that day.


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