Galentine's Day Ideas for Parties You Can Throw, Even During COVID

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you have an S.O. or are happily single, it's still the perfect excuse to celebrate with your closest girlfriends.

Galentine's Day is arguably just as fun as Valentine's Day. Why? Because we get to chat with our besties about our crushes or why we love the single life! This year, it's going to look a bit different due to COVID, but don't let that bring you down. There are still some pretty fun options to celebrate! Keep reading for Galentine's Day party ideas during COVID.

Social Distanced Picnic

Name a group of girls who don't like picnics—it's okay, we'll wait! Grab your besties and set up camp at your favorite spot, whether it's the beach, park or even your backyard. All you need is a wireless speaker to play some tunes, a charcuterie board and lots of blankets and pillows. Make sure to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each person, and to be on the safe side, wear a mask when you're not stuffing your face with cheese and prosciutto!


Virtual Gift Exchange

Even if you already plan on treating yourself to loads of chocolate, it's always nice to get a gift from someone else! Send out a group text to your girls asking who'd like to partake in a gift exchange. As the "leader" of sorts, you'll be in charge of telling who gets who a gift, the price range, gathering addresses and any other info you may need. We recommend creating a spreadsheet with everyone's names where they can enter their favorites—include categories like candy, animals, drinks, snacks, etc.


Zoom Baking Sesh

If you plan on staying home this Galentine's Day but still want to be able to hang out with your girls, throw a Zoom baking party! Tell everyone what you will be baking beforehand so they can get the appropriate ingredients. That way, you can go through the motions at the same time. Or, if you'd rather do something a bit different, try out a company like Baketivity. Decide with your friends what box looks the best and all purchase the same one. They offer delicious ingredients to make yummy desserts.


Outdoor Movie Night

Since it's probably not the best idea to stay inside all cuddled up with your friends in light of COVID, why not have an outdoor movie night? Of course this will only work in warmer temps, so make sure you don't freeze! Grab tons of blankets and even light a fire if you have one available. Whether you have a projector or large TV that can easily be transported outside, either will work! We recommend choosing a rom-com or chick flick of some sort.


Send THESE adorable texts to your girls on Galentine's Day.