This is How You Need to Spend Galentine's Day 2017

Galentine's Day is fast approaching—and if we're all being honest with ourselves, we're definitely looking forward to this honorary celebration more than its significant other, Valentine's Day.

Galentine's Day, celebrated on Feb. 13th, is the best day of the year to show your love for your best gal pals without any of the crippling sadness that V-Day unrightfully brings to so many single girls. This year, forget all about red roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes and get ready to spend the best day of your life with your besties.

Get ideas on how to spend G-Day with the girls by scrolling this list below:

Have a Spa Night In

Instead of getting all dressed up for a night on the town with your significant other, enjoy a relaxing night in with all of your best friends. Forget the contour and grab a face mask because all night long your ladies will be sculpting each other's brows while kicking back in cozy clothing. What better way to spend a day with the girls than being your truest selves?

Still from Grease Live, girls singing Sandra Dee.

(Grease Live! via FOX)


Girl Power Playlist

Jam out to your expertly curated girl power playlist all day long. These songs should be all about female friendships, girl bosses and, well, pretty much anything that isn't a sappy love song. Because, after all, who run the world? GIRLS!


A Tribute to Leslie Knope

Go back to basics with a fun little tribute to the woman who started the holiday in the first place, Leslie Knope. Turn on a classic Galentine's Day episode of Parks and Rec while chowing down on a plate full of waffles—every true P&R fan knows that when it comes to Leslie, her three favorite things are waffles, friends and work.

Leslie Knope explaining Galentine's Day at brunch with the ladies.

(Parks and Recreation via NBC)


Host a Scavenger Hunt

This event takes a little more preparation than other ideas on this list, but for good reason. With the help of your parents and the cooperation of some local businesses, plan a full-fledged scavenger hunt that culminates in a bestie treasure. After deciding on a few of your gal pal's favorite joints, from the before school must-stop coffee shop, to a campus spot where you all each lunch, hide clues in these areas for your friends to find. The first clue will lead the group to the second location, and then the next, until everyone ends up at the final destination. Here you can arrange everything from a basket full of your favorite snacks and candies, to handmade cards for each of your ladies.


Movie Marathon

Movies, movies and more movies. What's a celebration without a marathon of your favorite flicks? Gather at one girl's house and queue up a list that's chock full of gals pallin' around. If you need some ideas to start off with, try out some classics like Miss Congeniality, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion or Legally Blonde. After all, Bruiser is the only man a girl needs on Galentine's Day.

Elle Woods with Bruiser from Legally Blonde.

(Legally Blonde via MGM)


Galentine's Grams

To add a little extra oomph to the regular card or gram, grab a bunch of pink helium balloons from the store to tie to your best friend's lockers. Scribble your favorite memory or attribute about each friend on their respective balloon in a Sharpie to make all of your gals feel special.


Make Crafts for Each Other

Galentine's Day comes after a long holiday season and it's safe to say that our pockets are a little short on change after splurging on some perfect presents for our friends and family. Instead of buying gifts for each other, as is custom on Valentine's Day, make crafts for each other. These crafts can be anything from a best friend collage to silly projects fished from the dollar bins at Michael's. You don't have to give your friends something fancy to show you care.

Leslie Knope presenting Ann's present on Galentine's Day

(Parks and Recreation via NBC)


Despite the girl power holiday, a few of you might still be feeling a little blue about spending Feb. 14th solo. But take some comfort in this personal experience on why Brittney is actually totally glad she never had a BF in high school HERE.